Chitosan Supplementation and Fecal Fat Excretion
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In Obesity Research Issue of May 2003, two researchers of the University of California Davis had publishing a study were they quantified the in vivo effect of a chitosan product on fat absorption....

Participants (n = 15 male) consumed five meals per day for 12 days. Energy intake was not restricted. Participants consumed no chitosan-based supplements during a 4-day control period and two capsules five times per day (4.5 g chitosan/d), 30 minutes before each meal, during a 4-day supplement period. All feces were collected from days 2 to 12. Oral charcoal markers permitted division of the feces into two periods. The two fecal pools were analyzed for fat content.
The effect of chitosan on fat absorption is clinically negligible: 0.11 ± 0.18 g of fat trapped per 0.45 g capsule or 1.1 g (9.9 kcal) fat trapped per day. This product would have no significant effect on energy balance.

Chitosan Supplementation and Fecal Fat Excretion in Men
Matthew D. Gades* and Judith S. Stern*§
* Department of Nutrition and §Department of Internal Medicine, University of California Davis, Davis, California.
Obesity Research 11:683-688 (2003)

Written by Gianleone Di Sacco MD

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